Turtles to Tigers

I have always had a love for turtles. As a toddler, Charley was my first box turtle. As a teenager, I had several quarter turtles.

Thirteen years ago, one of my daughters found a painted turtle in our back yard. Today, Charley is living the good life along with his aquatic friends Jake and Myrtle. Yes, Myrtle, the turtle.

I have recently discovered my connection with turtles.

I too will often retreat under my shell when a situation becomes uncomfortable. I will often peek out, look around, gently stepping cautiously to see what or whom may be around the corner ready to attack.

Looking back over my life, I recognize the correlation between my love for turtles, my parents’ divorce and trauma that I experienced.

I, like many others, perhaps, even you have learned that the world is not a safe place. That those who are supposed to care for us, often don’t.

As a mom, I have had to step out of my shell and advocate for my children. I have battled school systems, insurance companies, physicians, the judicial system and even my children’s dad to get my children’s needs met.

As a daughter, I have advocated for my terminally ill step-mom who had experienced elder abuse and was abandoned left to die.

During these crisis times, I am a tiger. As my daughter says, “Mom you are a tiger. You stand up for others rights. You make me feel safe.”

Safe….a natural need that all children need yet not all experience.

Is it any wonder that when this basic need is not met, that our children become anxious? When they become anxious, their body acts out that anxiety in ways that often label our child as disobedient, violent or defiant.

Perhaps, you can relate to the tiger ready to conquer or a turtle ready to retreat.

If so, give me a call.

As a life coach, I can assist you in gaining confidence and direction. You, too can stop retreating into your shell and learn to stand up and roar!


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