Broken Crayons Still Color

I remember as a child (and even now), I prefer bright shiny new crayons when I retreat to my favorite chair to escape the reality of my day. The tips are nice and pointed, the paper is not torn, the color is not mixed with other colors from being stored in the box with years worth of broken crayons. I don’t want to use them, well at least they are not my first choice, but yet again, I cannot and will not  throw them away. I have aspirations of using them in a Pinterest project where you take old broken crayons, place them on a canvas and let the heat of a blow dryer make a beautiful piece of art. I have had that plan for three years now….my crayons are still in the box, hidden in the back of a closet.

I am broken. You are broken. Our world is broken. We don’t want to think about that and for sure do not want to say it out loud. But. We. Are.  As my friend, Shelley Hitz describes so beautifully in her book, BROKEN CRAYONS STILL COLOR, God can take our mess and make us a masterpiece. He does not see our brokenness. He sees us the way He created us, beautiful in His likeness.

Recently, I had an opportunity to be interviewed by Shelley concerning a time when I was broken. I was isolated. I was persecuted. I was fighting for healthcare for one of my children. I clung to the scripture, “Persecuted, but not abandoned. Struck down but not destroyed”, 2 COR 4:9. The world around me was trying to destroy me, but my Father in Heaven would not let them!  He took my mess and made me His Masterpiece!

He can do the same for you. It starts with your calling out to Him. Nothing fancy, just speaking to Him as you do a friend. Pouring your heart out and giving Him your mess. All. Of. It.

I believe it is time to dust off my old broken crayons, gather a canvas and blow dryer and make a masterpiece out of my broken crayons. My new artwork will be a visual reminder that all things through Christ will be made new.



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