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<h3>Brenda Love</h3>

Brenda Love

MA, CPLC, Certified Human Behavior Consultant

The Art of Brave Living takes us through the stories of 23 remarkable women who found their brave. These stories aren’t about one journey, but a lifetime of choices and decisions that empower them with strength and purpose. They help us see that each time we meet life’s challenges head on with dignity and grace, even if we’re in tears, we are mastering the art of brave living. Their stories inspire us to recognize and embrace the brave that stands before us in every decision we make.

Meet Brenda

First and foremost, I am a lover of Jesus!  Everyone has a purpose and helping others find their purpose in this life, brings me tremendous joy. One of my favorite biblical verses, Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

I am a mother of four adopted children from Ukraine, who themselves, come from traumatic childhoods. I have been where you may be struggling now. I know how challenging it is to become advocate for your children. My own personal experiences with parenting challenges, fighting for medical care, navigating tough legalistic systems, finding others who “get” what you are going through are just a few reasons I began my coaching practice.

I coach parents, primarily women, that seek peace in the midst of unique family situations including Blended Families, Adoption, Special Needs Children and/or Trust and Trauma Issues. Parenting is a gift, yet sometimes we all know how tough and challenging it can be, especially when dealing with one or several of the topics I specialize in.  

If you feel hopeless, exhausted, isolated and depleted, I can help. Believe me, I have been there! As a client, you will benefit from my first hand experience in the most loving, authentic way.

My passion is to coach mothers and caregivers who struggle with an array of challenges that the majority of parents do not have on a daily basis. I would love to walk alongside you for support, encouragement, and lighten your burden.  We can equip you with parenting tools that will bring joy back into raising your children.

Brenda has earned an MA in Christian Studies with an emphasis on Leadership. She was a contributing author of  the book The Art of Brave Living and is in the process of authoring her own book on recognizing and overcoming abusive relationships. She is a Certified Professional Life Coach and a Human Behavior Consultant as a graduate of the Christian Coach Institute. Brenda also is a member of Christian Coaching Network International (CCNI).

Brenda and her husband Shane reside in the Midwest with three of their blended family of six, three dogs and two cats.